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„Html to Wml Converter” is usefull tool for conversion Html sites. Conversion makes Wml files from Html ones with similar structure and content and with the same bindings. Result files needs additional editing because in current version of converter they can be syntax incorrect and too big to be loaded by Wap device. Main goal was create a tool to help in conversion. It is possible use converter interactively but for save bindings is needed do right click mouse on folder and choose „Konwertuj Html Na Wml” to start conversion whole site. Conversion of alone file or subfolders lost bindings even if the previous conversion set them correctly. Converted documents should be in Utf-8 or UsAsci because in current version the converter don't see for any encoding declaration. Don't worry about not refreshing screen during conversion. Future version should be better...

You can improve converter by translating messages to own language. Tell me only that you can do this.

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