News Server for Windows

News Server is program designed for Windows platform for exchange articles between many users. It implements nntp protocol. After starting server, other users, also on other computers, can use it for exchange an articles. In news reader must be set computer address with a running server, for example localhost. Then users can retrieve groups, articles and send articles.

Sending article to non-existing group create it. Old articles will be removed when one of limits will reached: it can be too much articles or too little disk space. However for both limits are also oposing limits, when a server removing articles and that oposit limit light on the server refuse posting an article. It is suitable reaction for server working on different environments, like common workstation, where periodically is possible insufficient disk space.

Server was tested with Forte Agent (by Forte Inc), Outlook Express (by Microsoft) and Netscape Communicator (by NC) with a success. Now is testing with Gravity, Krn and Slrn.

WARNING! Actual version doesn't exchange articles with other servers. You must do it with different program or wait for newer version.

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